Conscience in the Culture & in the Professions

“Moral authority doesn’t develop spontaneously; it must be earned. Arthur Koestler… once asked, ‘Can a conscience function by proxy?’ The answer is no, it cannot. You must take action yourself, even if it is a small, modest action. You cannot pass it off to someone else. You build the authority by doing it; you do not wait for someone to give you permission.”

– Elie Wiesel

Bioethics Symposium – beginning June 23rd at 5 p.m.

This June 2022, we are bringing together 15 of Canada’s most promising law and medical students for an inaugural bioethics symposium in our nation’s capital.

Participants will benefit from the insights of others in the cohort as well as from discussions with renowned faculty from Canada, the UK, and the USA.

This symposium is an opportunity for you to encounter friends and mentors who share your fundamental convictions about the importance of conscience to upholding and advancing human dignity and human rights.

We are accepting applications from current medical students and residents in Canada and from law students. In select cases, we will consider applicants with a demonstrated trajectory toward these fields as well as early career professionals.

Selected participants are only required to pay a $100 fee. Other expenses, including: travel to Ottawa, accommodations, and meals will be covered thanks to the generosity of CPL donors who believe in investing in young professionals. Apply here.


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