Conscience in the Culture & the Professions

Conscience in the Culture & the Professions


June 13 – 15, 2024 in Ottawa, ON

In June 2024, Canadian Physicians for Life will host a Bioethics Symposium convening medical students and residents for an intensive socratic seminar on Conscience in the Culture and the Professions.” 

Through a competitive application process, the cohort will be composed of top up-and-coming medical professionals from across the country who cover a range of specializations. 

Before arriving to the seminar each participant will read through a package of selected texts curated to give them a deep dive into the philosophical foundations of medical ethics. The reader gives participants access to some of the most important thinkers in the intellectual tradition of conscience and human dignity. 

The format involves seven 75-minute participant-driven, professionally-moderated discussion sessions. We also have three invited faculty members give half-hour presentations, followed by a full half hour of Q&A. 

Participants will benefit from the insights of others in the cohort as well as from discussions with invited faculty members.

Our past Bioethics Symposia have been a massive success with participants saying that it fills critical gaps in the formation of their own conscience as aspiring medical professionals. One attendee wrote on the evaluation form, “Canadian Physicians for Life executed the Bioethics Symposium to a standard of excellence not seen in Canada.” 

To find out what it’s like, be sure to watch this four-minute video of participant reflections from the Bioethics Symposium on Conscience.

As part of our commitment to interdisciplinary formation and robust socratic discussion, we also invite applications from students and professionals with an interest in conscience in professional life across such disciplines as law, academia, professional bioethics and other related fields.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please apply as soon as possible.

Selected participants are only required to pay a $100 fee. Other expenses, including: travel to Ottawa, accommodations, and meals will be covered thanks to the generosity of CPL donors who believe in investing in life-affirming professionals.

Please help us spread the word to those to whom you think this opportunity would be of interest and benefit.

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