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“I Will Not Abandon You”

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For Medical Students

We provide resources for students to engage in deep thinking on difficult ethical situations. As well, there are opportunities to share experiences with other students and physicians from a wide variety of backgrounds.


For Physicians

We provide support and resources to physicians who practice medicine according to the Hippocratic medical tradition. The Hippocratic tradition affirms the inviolability of every human life.


For Canadians

We present a strong public voice on issues related to respect and support for every human life. We respond to ethical dilemmas arising from advancing technologies and societal pressures that denigrate human life.

Our mission is to promote patient-centred care based on the Hippocratic tradition.

We believe that it must be the goal of medical science and its practitioners to preserve and protect human life, to relieve suffering, and to promote healing.


Learning Platform

We provide resources on diverse topics, including bio-ethics, abortion, euthanasia, conscience rights, palliative care, and genetic and reproductive technologies.


Mentoring Programs

We foster connection, community building and formation. Our mentoring programs provide the guidance for developing the next generation of physicians.


Crisis Line

When challenged to violate their conscience, we provide legal resources for physicians and students. A constitutional lawyer is available for up to an hour, free of charge.

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What We Do

We support and equip medical students and physicians so that they have the resources to challenge the status quo, to share their convictions and concerns with their colleagues and superiors, and to advocate for life-affirming treatment and protocols.

Annual Conference

Our national pro-life medical conference offers a broad range of seminars and workshops on sensitive and emerging issues. Generous scholarships are available for medical students.


Our mentoring programs provide medical students with a one-on-one mentor opportunity with a matched physician. A registry is also available to facilitate pro-life practice experience.

Invitation to Lead

Every pro-life physician can play a part in re-establishing the Hippocratic tradition in Canadian medicine.  We provide resources and support so you can give back in a tangible way.


We engage with the courts and government as challenges and opportunities arise related to the conscience rights of physicians and the defense of the vulnerable.

Pre-Med Program

We provide resources and guidance for students interested in medicine but with questions and concerns about the direction in which the profession is headed.

Learning Platform

We provide access to a wide range of resources so members can engage in informed discussions with their professional peers. Available to associate members.

“I highly recommend Canadian Physicians for Life. They are an excellent organization that is building an ever-growing network of medical personnel who uphold. protect, and defend the dignity and value of all members of the human family. Furthermore, their ethical formation of the next generation of doctors through their annual student conference is rock solid. Canadian Physicians for Life can be counted on to use their knowledge and skills to care compassionately for the most vulnerable among us, and for this I am most grateful and encouraged.”

Stephanie Connors (formerly Gray)

International speaker and author of Love Unleashes Life