How Does the Conscientious Doctor Practice?

One of the most pertinent questions in medicine right now is determining how the conscientious doctor practices.

The bioethicists who argue against conscience protections raise a caricature of the physician who holds themselves to the ‘do no harm’ principle.Such persons may rely on the  claim that conscience protection in medicine leads to unfair discrimination. . Dr. Xavier Symons, in this article on Florida’s conscience protection legislation tackles that criticism..  He argues: 

The average conscientious objector is a diligent medical practitioner who is just as concerned about patient welfare as any other doctor but who respectfully disagrees with the morality of particular socially contentious medical procedures. Their convictions are deserving of respect and legal protection.

At this year’s conference Dr. Symons will outline the philosophical framework for conscience rights in medicine.

We will also hear from Dr. Kristin Collier on what being true to your deepest convictions in medicine means and looks like within  medical schools and university clinics. On May 26th, Dr. Kristin Collier told her story at Princeton. I wrote about the University of Michigan White Coat Ceremony controversy last year and Dr. Collier spoke to the fallout and lessons learned from that encounter.

You can hear her here:


I hope you will be with us in Ottawa this October so that you can meet Dr. Collier and ask her your questions directly! 

Our conference promises to be an invigorating opportunity for you to be encouraged by  colleagues who can relate to the challenges you face and who share your values. 

Throughout the month of June, conference tickets can be purchased at the Early Bird rate of 20% off. Apply the code “EARLYBIRD2023” when you buy your tickets during this month by clicking here.


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