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Please sign this petition calling on the House of Commons to:

  • Restore the 10-day reflection period for people whose deaths have been determined to be “reasonably foreseeable”
  • Restore the original requirement that a person must give consent to the life-ending procedure immediately before it is performed
  • Restore the original requirements for the signatures of two witnesses, who cannot provide personal care to the person seeking to end their life
  • Require medical professionals to do everything possible to enable the person to access life-affirming services to relieve their suffering other than physician-assisted death
  • Accommodate persons with communication disabilities by clarifying “refusal or resistance to administration” of physician-assisted death



Opinion: We must ensure revised assisted dying law will not threaten lives of people with disabilities

“It is stunning that federal legislators are attempting to expand the eligibility criteria for MAID in the middle of a pandemic, which is not only exacerbating existing barriers for disabled Canadians but also creating new ones.” Read more here.


Medically assisted deaths could increase by 1,200 in 2021 under revised law: PBO

“Provincial health budgets would see a savings of $149 million next year if the numbers hold true, largely from declines in spending on end-of-life care.” Read more here.


How MAiD Expansion Mangles Medicine

“Patients look to us for recommendations to help them address their illnesses and whatever comes their way from a healthcare perspective. Now, we’re being forced by the government to say ‘Well, death is the solution.’” Read more here.


Why the federal government should rethink its new medical assistance in dying law

“Introducing a social experiment by expanding MAID when people are more vulnerable than ever is not progressive policy making — it is reckless.” Read more here.


Extending the scope of assisted dying is wrong

“Why do we push our governments to improve the lives of people who suffer intolerably based on other systemic inequalities but not those who suffer intolerably based on disability?” Read more here.


Down’s syndrome: ‘In all honesty we were offered 15 terminations’

“The support was only there if I chose to have an abortion, and that was what they presumed, but they weren’t interested when I said I wanted to keep Jaxon.” Read more here.


Pro-lifers aren’t helping people after they’re born?

“The objection that pro-lifers aren’t helping people after they’re born is often false and it’s not relevant to whether or not a pro-lifer should speak out against the killing of innocent human beings via abortion.” Read more here.


Tabitha Ewert: Canadians want to ban sex-selective abortion. Will Parliament listen?

“Sex-selective abortion makes victims of women of every age — the girls not yet born who lose their lives, as well as the women who suffer the indirect consequences of gender inequality.” Read more here.


Do you think child sacrifice is a thing of the past?

The latest video from Laura Klassen is here.


SARS-CoV-2 in first trimester pregnancy: a cohort study

Read more here.


Review uncovers fatal flaws in long-term care infection control

Read more here.


Fecundability in relation to use of mobile computing apps to track the menstrual cycle

Read more here.


Egg freezing may not deliver the results some women expect

“If women are encouraged to treat men as mere instruments for realizing their own ambitions, the children thus produced are reduced to commodities that may be returned if the customer is not completely satisfied.” Read more here.



Why these P.E.I. mothers are talking about pregnancy and infant loss

“I didn’t want her to be forgotten about. I wanted her to be known, that she was my daughter, she still lived on through me.” Read more here.


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