I am thrilled to announce our Annual CPL Conference on the theme, “I Want You To Be.” The focus of this conference will be on celebrating life and encouraging hope. It is sure to uplift and inspire. You can be sure this will be a time of stimulating professional development combined with an energizing and convivial renewal of your spirits. 

Our Friday night keynote speaker will be Dr. Xavier Symons. Dr. Symons’ new book, Why Conscience Matters: A Defense of Conscientious Objection In Healthcare, is a masterful treatment of the subject. He is currently working at the Human Flourishing Project at Harvard and will speak to us on “Conscience and the Courage to Accept the Human Condition.” 

Our conference will close with Mark Meincke. Mark was the pivotal speaker who testified before the Parliamentary Committee scrutinizing Veterans Affairs for promoting euthanasia to retired soldiers suffering from PTSD. A former soldier himself, Meincke is outspoken and articulate on the subject of trauma and hosts the top Veterans podcast in the world on trauma recovery. He is making a considerable contribution towards trauma recovery, and it will be an honour for us to have him address us in the nation’s capital just ahead of Remembrance Day. 

We are making sure that the Annual Conference is always fresh. We have new speakers, new themes, and are addressing the cultural currents with rigor and hopeful engagement. 

To see the full program, click here

For the month of May, we are offering a super early bird special of 30% off the conference fees. Register here and use the coupon code SUPEREARLYBIRD2023.


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