Statement of Principles

CPL’s principles are based on the life-affirming Hippocratic Oath. We believe that:

• Reverence for every human life, regardless of age or infirmity, lies at the root of all medical tradition.

• Recognition that the long and honourable ethical tradition of medical sciences through the ages has been expressed and protected by the oath of Hippocrates.

• Conscious that human life begins at conception, recognition that to cause the death of a human being directly, at any stage in life, because of physical or mental disabilities, or for social, economic, ecological or eugenic reasons, is a gross injustice to the person, degrading to humanity, and contradictory to the role of the physician.

• Understanding that there are two patients in every pregnancy and that a physician bears the medical responsibility for the lives of both the mother and her unborn child.

• Belief that it must be the goal of medical science and its practitioners to preserve and protect human life, to relieve suffering, and to promote healing.