pre-med student

Pre-Med Students

With the recent growth of Canadian Physicians for Life’s membership, we are engaging with an increasing number of young people intent on becoming physicians. They have valid questions and concerns about the direction the Canadian medical profession is headed.

We at Canadians Physicians for Life believe that the future of medicine depends on the mentorship and guidance of the next generation of physicians whose ethic is guided by the Hippocratic tradition. These individuals will defend the rights of the vulnerable and those at risk of being euthanized or aborted.

With this in mind, we have launched a pre-med student mentorship program. The program includes face-to-face mentorship during our annual conferences, periodic virtual meet-ups, and one-on-one conversations with physicians. These sessions will include traditional question and answer exchanges, and provide strategies for volunteering, interviewing, and exam-writing to foster success in medical school applications, and beyond.

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We understand that many who hold pro-life values share certain concerns about becoming physicians. We have been there, we are achieving our goals, and we are here to help you do the same. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@physiciansforlife.ca.


The pre-med mentoring program was instrumental in helping me navigate the at times daunting admissions process. The advice I received from my mentor allowed me to reflect on my experiences and skills to express them cogently in my application and interviews.

Pre-Med Program Participant

“Canadian Physicians for Life gives medical students a gift. By providing them with the time and experts to talk to, medical students are able to consider the realities of excellent medical care alongside the big questions of how to provide that excellent care in a system that is often hostile to their worldview. Canadian Physicians for Life is a reliable resource and community not just for medical students but also for practicing doctors.”

Andrea Mrozek