Medical Students

Canadians Physicians for Life is committed to supporting pro-life medical students who represent the next generation of medical practitioners in Canada. Canadian Physicians for Life connects medical students with the broader pro-life medical community and offers ongoing formation and support on today’s pressing bioethical issues.

We offer a range of opportunities and support, from teaching how to respond when issues like abortion or euthanasia are raised, to providing ongoing education and training on how to address these issues in clinical practice, to offering emergency support to students and doctors who may face ethical challenges.

medical students

Our Programs Include

medical students
medical students
National Conference

Our national conference is our premier event. Each conference features Canadian and international experts as well as opportunities to connect with doctors and medical students from across the country. Held each fall, generous sponsorship opportunities are provided for medical students and residents to attend the conference.

Mentoring Program

Our medical student mentoring program provides medical students and residents with connection, community building and formation. We match you with a physician in your preferred area of practice. To apply for the mentoring program: Click Here.

We also provide rotation resources so you can build pro-life practice experience into your medical education.

For more information, contact us at

Emergency Assistance

The Crisis Line is available to students and physicians who require legal support or advice on dealing with the media and institutional politics, or who face difficult ethical circumstances.

Learning Platform

We have developed resources on bioethics, abortion, euthanasia, palliative care on our Learning Platform. Our annual conferences and other articles and videos are also hosted here.

Local Events and Webinars

Other events occur across Canada, featuring doctors and other experts in the field. Such events offer expert commentary and advice as well as opportunities for networking and mentoring. These events are advertised through our email lists. Please sign up to our email list to ensure that you are notified of events in your area. Financial support is also available to enable students to attend events.

We frequently host webinars either targetted to meet student needs or of general interest, which students are invited to join.

Vital Bylines
Ongoing updates and commentary on current events facing the medical community are provided on our website and through our bi-monthly Vital Bylines email updates. Sign up online.

“Before even starting medicine, I was very worried about current trends towards a ‘culture of death’ within medicine where procedures like abortion and euthanasia are celebrated as triumphs of modern medical ethics over ‘antiquted’ Hippocratic’ medicine.
I struggled with finding resources for the pro-life side of the discussion as well as a substantial community of like-minded professionals.
Enter Canadian Physicians for Life. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

University of Alberta Medical Student