Crisis Line

What is the Crisis Line?

By calling our toll-free number at 1.855.239.0622, physicians, medical students and other healthcare professionals will have the opportunity to consult with a lawyer.

Depending on the situation, we have a network of pro-life physicians and professionals who can offer advice on media strategies, dealing with institutional politics, handling difficult ethical circumstances and crisis communications.

Assistance available in both English and French.


Call 1-855-239-0622

How Is This Different from the Canadian Medical Protective Association?

Canadian Physicians for Life cannot fund legal defence cases for its members, nor represent them in court. If you are in need of legal assistance, and the CMPA cannot provide it, CPL can assist you in finding the right lawyer or organization to advance your case.

A Unique Service

This service is sponsored by The Acacia Group, a national law firm that provides legal and crisis communications services. The CPL Crisis Line uniquely offers an opportunity to speak with pro-life lawyers, as well as other professionals, in a timely manner. They can talk to you about your situation and the impact it may have on you and your practice.

Not A Legal Matter

Even if it isn’t a legal matter and you just need to talk about what happened, that’s okay. We’re here for you. Just call us.

Free to Members

There is no cost to use the Crisis Line, just as there is no cost for a CPL membership. We do ask that if you have the financial means, to make a donation to CPL in order to facilitate these services for those who don’t.

the Acacia Group

“On matters of bioethics and healthcare social issues, I cannot overemphasize the significance of  Canadian Physicians for Life. This national organization is a proven, vital resource not only for physicians and med students, but for those of us in social services, pastoral care, public institutions, and media.”