Canadian Physicians for Life is building a culture of care, compassion and life
by equipping students, supporting physicians, and engaging Canadians.

The Issue:

Doctors and medical students are facing new and challenging ethical issues. These new ethical issues arise at the same time as Canada sees a shift in its approach and understanding of the dignity of human life. Physicians expect unprecedented challenges to their conscience and religious rights.

“Whether or not we agree with physician-assisted death, legalizing physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia is a seismic shift in our most fundamental values as individuals and foundational values as a society… I believe future generations will look back on the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia as the most important social-ethical-legal values decision of the 21st century and the decisions that Parliament will make about the legislation and regulations to govern those interventions are an integral part of that decision.” ~ Margaret Somerville

“Canada’s official government panel–charged with recommending the terms for the Supreme Court-imposed right to euthanasia–wants MDs (and nurses) to have lower conscience rights than veterinarians.” ~ Wesley J. Smith

The Solution:

Medical students, residents and physicians need support and educational resources on these issues so they are prepared to address them and to ensure they are able to continue to practice medicine according to the time honoured Hippocratic medical tradition.

"As Canadians, it is imperative that we understand how to protect the lives of the marginalized and vulnerable amongst us. Canadian Physicians for Life brings a professional medical voice and perspective to this challenging conversation." ~ Laura Lewis, MD

“By providing them with the time and experts to talk to, medical students are able to consider the realities of excellent medical care alongside the big questions of how to provide that excellent care in a system that is often hostile to their worldview. Canadian Physicians for Life is a reliable resource and community for not just medical students but also practicing doctors.” ~ Andrea Mrozek

CPL’s Response:

Canadian Physicians for Life
Equips Students

  • We host an annual conference for CPL members and the wider pro-life community, as well as periodic lectures and debates.
  • As a big-tent organization, we welcome medical students and physicians from all backgrounds to join together in promoting traditional and pro-life medical ethics.
  • We provide medical students with a safe place to explore a wide diversity of medical ethical positions, in a manner that encourages truly patient-centred care.
  • We provide an opportunity for students to engage in deep thinking on difficult ethical situations, and to talk to other students and physicians from a wide variety of backgrounds and from across the country in order to share thoughts and experiences.

Canadian Physicians for Life
Supports Physicians

  • We stay abreast of ongoing research and we disseminate the information to our members.
  • We promote and vigorously defend the conscience rights of physicians and medical students – rights which are now being seriously threatened.
  • We provide support and resources to physicians who want to continue to practice medicine according to the traditional and time-honoured Hippocratic medical tradition, which affirms the inviolability of every human life.
  • We provide physicians and students with free consultations with lawyers regarding their conscience rights via our Crisis Line.

Canadian Physicians for Life
Engages Canadians

  • We present a strong public voice on issues related to respect for human life including ethical dilemmas arising from advancing technologies and societal pressures.
  • We maintain a respectful and supportive relationship with medical licensing bodies in their duty to sustain all physicians’ freedom to practice ethically.
  • We publish newsletters, articles, and resources to share our perspective.
  • We engage with the media to ensure a pro-life perspective is present and shared.