As a subgroup within Canadian Physicians for Life, Canadian Midwives for Life works to act as a united voice for Canadian midwives who recognize the dignity and inviolability of human life from the moment of fertilization.

Canadian Midwives for Life was developed to create a supportive environment for midwives who wish to provide safe and compassionate care for their clients, which we see as both the mother and babe.

As an Associate Member of CPL, you have access to resources and support including our Crisis Line and Learning Platform.

Our Focus

We aim to provide educational resources, guidance, and emotional support for midwives so that they might:

•  Better counsel clients on options available during and after their pregnancy

•  Gain confidence and resources in working with clients through all pregnancy options

•  Learn helpful communication strategies for client and coworker interactions

•  Understand their own personal boundaries in midwifery practice and the implications of conscientious objection

It Can Be Isolating

Standing for life is often a daunting and lonely battle.

Student Midwife

Some days are so hard…you sit through a class and listen to your professor or your peers defend the importance of abortion access in the province or something along those lines. And then you watch people roll their eyes or sigh impatiently when you try to ask a question or participate in the discussion. I once even heard a classmate behind me mutter, “Oh boy, here we go.”

Student Midwife

My preceptor stopped me and said, “Don’t refer to ‘the baby’; just say ‘the fetus’ or ‘the pregnancy’. They’re more neutral terms…less persuasive and emotional. We don’t want to influence her choice.”  I remember feeling stunned. I wanted to say something, but had no idea what or even how. My preceptor is one of the most powerful people involved in the decision of whether I pass or fail my practicum. It’s terrifying.

Registered Midwife

There just seems to be no understanding (or empathy) from my midwifery colleagues about my views and conscientious objection. I try to explain why I cannot support [abortion], but they just keep saying that “you shouldn’t judge”. For the past week my feelings have ranged from sadness to anger to anxiety to helplessness, hopelessness and anywhere in between…I just feel so alone and misunderstood.

We Know There Is A Need For Our Voices To Be Heard


Educational Resources

Developing educational resources and training programs to help midwives and students gain confidence in working with clients and other healthcare professionals through all pregnancy options


A Place to Grow

A place to feel supported, rather than marginalized. A place that can support them and equip them to provide care in line with their moral convictions.


Guidance and Support

Providing access for members to guidance and emotional support during challenging and complex situations during their career and/or schooling

Supporting Midwives with Pro-Life Convictions

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