Join Canadian Physicians for Life

Join Canadian Physicians for Life. Membership is open to physicians, retired physicians, medical residents and medical students who are in agreement with our Statement of Principles.

Membership is free and you will be joining fellow physicians from across Canada in affirming the value of human life.

As a member, you will be kept abreast of on-going research as well as legal and policy changes that may affect your practice and patients. You will be invited to our annual pro-life conference, and student and resident members will be eligible to receive funding to attend the event. You will also receive our twice monthly email newsletter (you may unsubscribe at any time). You will be invited to attend lectures and networking opportunities with other pro-life medical professionals and activists.

Canadian Physicians for Life is committed to providing personal contact and support to our members facing difficult ethical situations and/or coercion to violate their reasonable conscientious objections.

Your membership also supports our efforts to promote and vigorously defend physicians’ conscience rights, and present life-affirming information and research to the public.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to other healthcare professional including midwives, nurses, pharmacists, and chiropractors who are in agreement with our Statement of Principles.

Membership is free. Join us in promoting the belief that it must be the goal of medical science and its practitioners to preserve and protect human life, to relieve suffering, and to promote healing.


Please note that the names of our members and their contact information are kept private.

Donate or Volunteer

We invite you to join us by investing in our work – work that is addressing the challenges facing our medical community and society.

Support the pro-life medical community in preserving life by making a one-time, monthly or planned gift to CPL today.