Creating a growth mindset in both your personal life and your professional career is key to attaining excellence. Professional and personal excellence is integral to taking leadership roles among your colleagues and in the wider community. OptimalWork’s Masterclass provides a framework for that growth.

OptimalWork’s approach is based on a solid foundation of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), the latest neuroscience, and classical virtue theory. 

There are four weeks of content that you can engage with wherever, whenever, and as frequently as you want.

The MasterClass includes:

  • Ten-minute introductions to core concepts of the OptimalWork Theory.
  • Interactive sequences to apply the theory and achieve personal and professional growth.
  • Structured ways of putting the principles of OptimalWork immediately into practice.


Incorporated Into Our Mentoring Programs

We have partnered with OptimalWork to offer the MasterClass and an OptimalWork subscription as part of our mentoring program.

We also offer the opportunity to engage with others in our mentoring programs through the CPL community on our Learning Platform.

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The MasterClass is also available at a discounted rate to any member of the CPL community.

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Optimal Work has been a great resource to help me start and stay focused on a task. I like that there are different themes for each hour, and time for meditation beforehand and useful skills taught. I use it to help with studying, research, etc.! 

Sophie Hu

MSc, Epidemiology '19 | MD, Leaders in Medicine '22 | University of Calgary

“The MasterClass was an inspiring beginning to my day every morning. It was an exciting blend of challenge and encouragement that had me eager to try new things in my work as well as to engage new approaches to work. Most of all, the MasterClass helped me change my attitude of defeat and pessimism toward challenges in my work into their ‘bring it on’ attitude that I’ve been incorporating into all areas of my life.”

Sophie McGuire

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