Canadian Physicians for Life is a registered charity that exists to support medical students and doctors alike in their delivery of medicine in the Hippocratic tradition.

Our important work is made possible entirely by concerned donors and friends who support us monthly or on an occasional basis.

One of our goals at Canadian Physicians for Life is to build a ‘spirit of community’ for all who feel alone in their pro-life stand, and to provide quality resources and mentorship to medical students, residents, physicians, midwives and nurses.

Here’s how YOUR support will help make a difference in lives:

  • Mentorship for the next generation of pro-life doctors
  • Educating doctors on how they can ‘stand-up for life’ in their daily practice
  • Support for our confidential crisis line for doctors facing difficult ethical situations
  • Influencing new legislative bills and
  • Intervention in important legal/medical pro-life cases
  • Conferences with high-quality speakers and networking opportunities
  • Bioethics seminars and other courses.

Our pro-life doctors, midwives and nurses need our support now more than ever before.

Nicole Scheidl, LL.B. LL.M.
Executive Director


“I can impact 20 patients a day in my practice or 40 in the emergency room, but I can impact 100,000 patients in a year through College policy changes.”

CPL Member Physician